Hair Loss

In honor of Hair Loss Awareness Month (who knew there was a whole month devoted to this??!) I thought it would be a perfect time to share some findings. I have been a hairstylist for 29 years and this is the number one topic I am asked about over and over. I have hair falling out or I think I am going bald, what can I do about it? Second question, I am doing this (insert treatment) do you think it’s working? Before I go any further if you are trying any treatments please document it from day one with photos, it only takes a second to snap a photo and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to see or remember the difference without photos. Also remember that a lot of what is going on with your hair today is likely due to things that happened a few months ago or more. Including but not limited to poor diet, stress, hair damage from chemicals and styling tools, health issues, medicine…. all these things really do matter. If you can narrow down the culprit it may be helpful in treating it.

Some of the things I’ve seen success with are: , I’ve NEVER seen anything work like this, ingredients are vague, but my client is a middle age woman and I am very impressed with the results.

PLP therapy is another therapy that has seen great results and I think they will be improving combining this with microblading, micro needling and stem cells.

A few vitamins or supplements that have shown improvement with clients Viviscal and Nutrafol and the Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamin.

Shampoo/Conditioner I always choose organic first so Innersense Organic Beauty, next would be Nioxin, my husband has used this for years and I think it has helped him to hold steady. Scalp massage with a little organic oil is always a good idea. I can’t write this post without a mention to Rogaine & Propecia. Rogaine I believe helps you to hold steady and not lose more hair, but they both were medicines for something else and they

aren’t miracle products. I am going to link to a few must listen to podcasts and a few articles. Hope you enjoy.



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