Application is everything 

When it comes to curly hair one of the key factors to achieving a more hydrated and defined look is application of product. This client was looking for as much length as possible (an elongated curl), less volume (more moisture and hydration ), and more definition but not a lot of crunch (cream styler and light gel application). While products are very important, technique is also key. Here we Innersense Hydrating Hairbath and Conditioner~ less conditioner was used than you would think but a lot of water was added to push that conditioner into the hair for extra moisture , section by small section, raking it in with fingers and not rinsing it all out. Then we applied Innersense Quiet Calm raking it by sections. And finished with a light pat and glide of Innersense I Create Hold on top and underneath. This technique along under a hood dryer will help to produce hydrated, defined, elongated curls.

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